alt textWest Bengal, by dint of its varying topography and subsequently changing and differentiated weather, supports the growth of a variety of crops all year round and it is because of this reason that the economy of the Santipur Block relies greatly on the agricultural output that the farming community of the block produces every year. Farming, or agriculture comprises of a massive percentage more than 20% of the labour force in the block is dedicated to farming. Santipur Block is the largest producer of rice , different green vegitable, banana and jute. Available land for farming is also quite big in percentage, so there are innumerable farming families all over the block, who rely on various policies and laws and regulations that the state government has in place, which not just help out the farmers on a daily basis and help them improve their craft, but look after their overall well being as well.
The agriculture department is concerned with activities relating to policy decisions on agricultural production and productivity, and its extension through technology generation, transfer of technology, ensuring availability and timely distribution of agriculture inputs specially seeds, fertilisers, subsidy, credit etc. alongwith support service through soil testing, soil conservations, water conservations, Seed testing, seed certification, plan production, Quality control of fertilisers and pesticides etc.

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Assistant Director of Agriculture,
Vill.+P.O.-Fulia Colony, P.S.-Santipur,
Dist-Nadia, Pin-741402,


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